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At The Social Connectors we focus on using a social therapy approach tailored to help individuals share experiences with others more effectively. Some of the concepts we teach include how to read non-verbal social cues and body language, think more flexibly, manage anxiety, improve executive functioning, and improve conversational skills, among many others. 


Our small group programs are delivered in a safe and structured environment. Their aim is to promote positive social interactions with peers and Therapists, so that clients can generalise into other settings. TSC run after school and Saturday social programs, an inclusive sports program and a connecting adults program.



Our Emerging Social Thinkers programs are aimed at younger clients (ages 5 to 10). These programs provide the opportunity for clients to engage in social learning by exploring play based activities, structured group games and explicit teaching of basic emotions, as well as social skills in real time. As a multidisciplinary team, the following social competencies are just a few that we target in this program each week:

+ Emotional regulation using the Zones of Regulation framework
+ Turn taking
+ Imaginary and cooperative play
+ Basic Emotion ID
+ Functional and social communication skills

+ Forming and maintain relationships inside and outside of the               program


Our Investigative Social Learners programs are driven by the needs of our clients and are aimed at clients aged 10+. These programs consider the goals and needs of each individual participant as well as the collective group. As a multidisciplinary team, the following social competencies are just a few that we target in this program each week:

+ Emotional regulation using the Zones of Regulation framework

+ Meaningful conversational skills

+ Flexible thinking

+ Social problem solving in real time

+ Navigating and maintain peer relationships


At TSC, our Connecting Young Adults program is run daily from 10am to 2pm. It is driven by the goals and needs of our individual clients. We use a multidisciplinary approach to facilitate social sessions for young adults, focusing on building independence and motivation in everyday life skills, as well as expanding our clients social networks. 


Throughout the week, social skill sessions focus on developing social attention, self awareness, social interpretation and thinking and emotional regulation,  in small groups or out in community. Clients also engage in travel training and life skills development opportunities, such as cooking, work experience or gaining paid employment, shopping, independent living skills, social games and health and fitness activities. In every session there are opportunities to meet communication goals relating to social language and functional responding, facilitated by an Occupational Therapist and/or Specialist Educator. There are also opportunities for clients to engage in one-on-one therapy sessions within the program with a therapist if required.  



TSC’s Connecting Young Adults program is predominately run by Therapy Assistants (Level 2)  and Youth Workers, but an Occupational Therapist and Specialist Educator also oversee the planning of daily activities and are present throughout each session. 



TSC have developed a sports program to engage clients in therapeutic skill-based activities and welcome parents and caregivers to connect as part of a community. These sports sessions are run by an Occupational Therapist, Specialist Educator, Exercise Physiologist and Therapy Assistants. We work with individual participants to set goals, whether this be to join a mainstream junior sporting team or to continue participating in The Social Connectors team. Clients are welcome to participate at their own level. 


The program focuses on the fundamentals of motor skills coupled with the skills needed to be part of a group. This program has seen many successful transitions into junior sports teams for our clients. Currently our Inclusive Sports Program is run weekly on a Friday afternoon. Different sports and activities are experienced throughout the year, at times the location varies within the Queanbeyan area depending on the weather and skill sets focus for the term. 

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